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The aim of the “ACROSS” project is to promote sports as a means of intergenerational dialogue and foster intergenerational understanding and lifelong learning through sports.

eople can connect through sport on levels beyond just communication with words. Sports and physical activity tap into the movement of our bodies and trigger physiological and emotional responses that otherwise may stay dormant when engaging in verbal exchanges. This makes it ideal for connecting people of different backgrounds, cultures, or in this case ages. This dialogue is greatly facilitated through sports activities, which is why we place great importance on intergenerational sports activities. As rightfully stated, intergenerational learning is a “learning partnership based on reciprocity and mutuality involving people of different ages where the generations work together to gain skills, values and knowledge” Now just add sports as a component to it – a fun and enjoyable method to facilitate dialogue between different age groups.



The ACROSS Guide is a unified guide on how to conduct effective intergenerational sports activities – something that can take us from step A-Z. We are going to slowly take you through every step of the process and guide you through different scenarios so that you can find what best fits you and your participants! This adaptive guide will allow you to follow step-by-step methods, to ensure that seniors are socially included and as such foster intergenerational understanding and lifelong learning through sports.




Let’s take this journey TOGETHER!

The project “ACROSS – Growing Young Through Sport” is co-funded by the European Union.