Intergenerational sports seems to be “uncharted waters” even in our days. For this reason, we decided to conduct both a quantitative and a qualitative research targeting children, seniors, representatives of sports clubs and associations in order to map their current general involvement with sports, their interest in participating in intergenerational programs, and their perspective regarding the challenges and benefits of intergenerational sports. Our effort focused in understanding their point of view as much as possible,

defining the difficulties and fears of each of the individual samples and figuring out a way to overcome them and engage the target groups in this kind of activities. By combining, difficulties and desires of young and older people along with the challenges faced by the sports providers, we set the basis for the development of relevant methodologies and guidelines in our ACROSS Guide, in order to promote intergenerational sports and engage more people in such activities.


The project “ACROSS – Growing Young Through Sport” is co-funded by the European Union.